Delivery territory: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France

Hydraulic engineering

From our own quarry in Spontin or one of the quarries with which we work, we supply Dranaco NV with all possible types of hydraulic and quarry stone. These are used to reinforce dikes and for many other applications. We deliver all our bricks by ship or truck. Together with you, we look for the ideal solution.

Sports fields

A golf course, a football or hockey field or perhaps the perfect surface for your horse track? At Dranaco NV we have the perfect product in house. Let us advise you and make your choice from our wide range of products for sports fields.


With Dranaco NV, we have already been able to cooperate in the construction of many railways. But also for the daily maintenance, the railways rely on us for the delivery of the crushed stone. Porphyry is usually used due to the great hardness of this rock.


Granulates for concrete? We’ve got them! You can send our granules by ship or truck. We have our own production and are also responsible for transport. In this way, we control the entire chain from A to Z and can guarantee correct and timely delivery.

Recreation & Green

Where to find our products? From the royal domain to the smallest city garden. Our products provide the cutting-edge look. At Dranaco NV, we have a wide range of quartz granulates and can deliver very quickly. Ordering is possible in bulk, big bags as in bagged goods. An optimal delivery is therefore guaranteed.

Road construction

A road network in Belgium or the Netherlands without raw materials from Dranaco NV? Unthinkable! Every day we supply the raw materials for asphalt plants, sewage works and so on. In order to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, we try to use the available waterways as often as possible.