Granulates and logistics have been unconditionally linked for Dranaco NV since 1919. Because Dranaco NV has both its own ships as well as regular business skippers, we can always guarantee an optimal delivery tailored to your own requirements.

Our various transhipment locations in Antwerp, Grobbendonk & Terneuzen also enable us to make optimum use of the waterways available to bring the desired material as close as possible to the place of processing. The increasing congestion on the road network is only one of the proofs that the above-mentioned method offers the best solution for transporting granulates. It also reduces CO² emissions to an absolute minimum.

don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your transport requests regarding granulates, soil, … You name it, we ship it!

The vision of Dranaco NV is therefore that, “Transport by water, the right road