Gravel extraction

The gravel decree that came into force in 1993 laid down the policy on gravel extraction in Flanders. This decree also aimed to investigate the possibilities of independent supply of raw materials in Flanders to replace gravel. However, studies showed that the continuation of gravel extraction in Flanders is of great importance!

The current gravel extraction in Flanders has a project-based approach. The first project, called Booien-Veurzen, started on 1 March 2016 and aims to increase the discharge of water from the Meuse and thus reduce the risk of flooding. The project has an area of about 70 ha and will be lowered by about 4 meters. This released more than 5 million tonnes of gravel.

The next Elerweerd project was subsequently started at the end of 2019. Elerweerd because approx. 163 ha and is located between Maaseik and Dilsen. More than 20 million gravel will be released during the implementation of this project. As a Flemish family company, Dranaco N.V. is directly involved in the execution of this mining operation.