Project: Spontin

In 1990, the limestone quarry “les Nutons” was purchased by Dranaco N.V.. This quarry is located in Spontin, 3 km from the entrance and exit of the E411 motorway. In the past, lime was produced in this quarry. By the way, the old lime kilns are still present in the quarry and now form a protected place for local wildlife.

Since January 2015, this quarry has been producing water building blocks that are used for dike reinforcements in Belgium and the Netherlands. Due to its good geographical location, the stones leave from “Les Nutons” both by truck and by barge to their final destination.

In the near future the extraction of the blue stone (petit granit) will be started. Spontin stone is known for its excellent quality.

Large quantities of water building block possible

At Dranaco NV, we have our own quarry and can call on the services of partners. This enables us to extract large quantities of water building blocks and deliver them at short notice. We are also responsible for transport on site. While you focus on your core business, we make sure your building materials are on site on time.