Sea sand extraction

Since 1991 we have been active in the extraction of sea sand (0-2/0-4). To mine the sand, we use a trailing suction hopper dredger called ARGO 1. It will dredge up the desired sand on the Belgian and Dutch Continental Shelf and has an annual production capacity of approximately 1.2 million tonnes. The sand is then sieved out on the trailing suction hopper dredger itself, before being repainted in an inland vessel that brings the cargo to its final destination.

Our sea sand is often used as backfill sand for concrete plants, asphalt plants, but also for sports fields and drainage, the sea sand is a widely used granulate.

Dranaco N.V. can deliver the sea sand desalinated or non-salinated according to the customer’s wishes. We have the necessary certificates (BENOR, KIWA, KOMO, BRL, AFNOR, …) so that we can always deliver the desired product under quality label.